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Samsung’s ‘LED for Home’ Launched in India

Priced between 1 - 3.5 crores, Samsung has unveiled ‘LED for Home’ for luxury homes with a modular formation and HDR Picture Refinement technologies Samsung has launched...

Starting an Electronic Counter Making Business

This report details the nuances that go into setting up an electronic counter making business. We are surrounded by different electronic gadgets, most of which...

SBI Plans to Make 10,000 ATMs Solar Powered

SBI was the first to install solar panels over its ATMs in the rural areas in 2008, which has increased to 1200 currently State Bank...

DoT Open to New 5G Frequency Bands

Telecom authorities and companies are engaging in probable spectrum bands' discussions to launch the high-speed 5G internet in India by 2019 Aruna Sundararajan, telecom secretary,...

India Ahead of US, Japan in Adopting Automation, AI

Companies around the world have started adopting Artificial Intelligence and RPA in their workspaces as these enhance employee productivity A recent study concluded that India...