GE’s retail lighting proves the right choice at Johnny K’s Powersports


Home-Splash_Case-Study-6_GE-LightingAfter the new lighting had been installed, it was discovered that the 3,716-square-metre facility cost only 20–30 per cent more to light up than the 1,393-square-metre building next door that featured less efficient lighting

Johnny K’s Powersports, a dealership located in Niles, Ohio, USA, is owned and operated by John Kalogerou. When he chose to expand his business by purchasing a 3,716-square-metre facility next door to his existing set-up, he engaged Business Resumption Plan (BRP) for a recommendation on how to best showcase his new space and merchandise for maximised product appeal and sales. BRP pointed Kalogerou in the direction of Optima Design, an experienced interior design firm, and to the experts at GE Lighting, as it recognised that creating the right aesthetics depended heavily on delivering the right design paired with the right lighting.

The focus of the design concept was showcasing the showcasing the merchandise. Myriam Vignes-Salaun, senior designer for Optima, explained: “We wanted the space itself to look appealing, but lighting was especially important to ensure visitor attention focuses primarily on the product for sale.”
“We saw great potential to harness the strengths of several GE LED lighting products to create the perfect lighting environment,” recalled Nabil-Jacques Salem, strategic accounts manager for GE Lighting. “We set out to create different layers of light—a blanket of dispersed, ambient under-lighting and a layer of accent lighting directed at the power sports equipment to dramatically draw customer attention—while being mindful of energy consumption,” he added.

Different retail lighting alternatives were analysed, but GE Lighting products were ultimately chosen for the design project due to their performance, colour temperature, energy savings and reliability. The products were carefully selected to ensure the sales environment looked great and to make the merchandise’s colours stand out. Additionally, an onsite lighting analysis was conducted to explain lumen levels and the return on investment to Kalogerou.
“There were other lighting options available, but we chose GE because we trusted the quality and appreciated the firm’s assistance. The GE Lighting representative with whom I worked was highly responsive and helpful,” Kalogerou reflected.
A variety of LED products were selected for the job, including GE LED PAR38 directional lamps, Lumination LED IS series luminaires, Lumination ET series luminaires and Lumination DI6R-20 directional down lamps.