Cree lighting at Petty’s Garage is a big hit


The implementation cut the number of light fixtures needed by 10 per cent. Also, lighting energy usage came down by more than 50 per cent — further evidence that going with Cree was the right call

Petty’s Garage was set up in 1949 in a dirt-floored, A-frame building—the very same property on which Richard Petty, the owner of the company, was born. The garage has now grown to cover approximately 9,290 square metres at the same location. At Petty’s Garage, the
motto is: “If you can dream it, we can build it.” Carrying on the family tradition, the garage specialises in the restoration of high-performance vehicles, stock cars, drag racers and Petty signature cars.

Known in the NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) world as ‘The King’, Petty’s Garage builds some of the fastest cars available. With 200 NASCAR wins (nearly 100 more than Petty’s closest rival, David Pearson), everything needs to be state-of-art. Until recently, one critical component of the operation was not —the facility’s lighting.

Petty’s Garage worked with Greenleaf Energy Solutions to remedy the situation. Certain that LED lighting was the way to go, Greenleaf collaborated with Cree. “We knew that Cree produced the best LED lighting technology in the world. The company was the clear choice for Petty’s Garage,” said Stephen Moffitt, energy consultant, Greenleaf Energy Solutions.

Greenleaf has now installed more than 700 Cree LED lights throughout the Petty complex. These include CR24 LED troffers in the main production facility, with LR24 LED troffers and CS18 LED linear luminaires elsewhere — all featuring Cree TrueWhite Technology, with no toxic mercury. The next stage of the installation will include Cree Edge security and floodlights, and LEDway streetlights.

“It’s a good feeling at the end of the day when we’ve completed a project and know that we’ve provided a quality product, helped the environment and saved our customer money,” Moffitt said.

“Richard (Petty) is really excited about this collaboration,” he added, referring to the teamwork between Cree, Greenleaf and Petty’s Garage.

The implementation slashed the overall number of light fixtures needed by 10 per cent. Also, lighting energy usage was reduced by more than 50 per cent — further evidence for the Greenleaf team that going with Cree was the right call.

“With Cree, we know that when we’re out selling to our customers, we’re giving them the best possible LED products that you can get,” said Moffitt.

Petty echoed that sentiment: “When the Cree lights were installed, I said, “Man, why hadn’t we done this before?’”

Most importantly, Petty’s Garage is now able to operate even more effectively.