Finding the right combination of high lumen output, aesthetics and sustainability


Home-Splash_Case-Study-7_HospitalityAfter extensive research and multiple trials, Las Vegas Sands finally zeroed in on LED luminaires by GE, based on their unique properties

Las Vegas Sands is a leading hospitality group in the US with some of the most sought after properties in its portfolio. The services offered by the group include premium accommodation, world-class gaming and entertainment, convention and exhibition facilities, celebrity chef restaurants, and many other amenities. Keeping in mind its global sustainability model which promotes environment-friendly initiatives in its spaces, the company decided to replace the old lights at The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas properties with new LED fixtures for energy efficient lighting.

The biggest challenge was to find the product that could meet the company’s requirements. Initially, Las Vegas Sands tested many products from different manufacturers but none of them were up to the mark—they were either not bright enough or created too much shadow on the ceiling. The aim was to find LED fixtures that were the perfect balance—delivering high lumens, low wattage and the right colour temperature to meet the resorts’ unique aesthetics.

GE finally came up with the solution, creating the LED Candelabra lamps, which are capable of delivering a high output of 250 lumens and the right colour temperature (2400K, in this case), but at a lower wattage of 4.5W per lumen instead of the 20W to 40W per light in case of the earlier installations. While the switchover was already under way when this case study was done, predictions indicate that when the company completes its upgradation, 57,000 of these LED luminaires by GE will save up to 8 million kW/h. This will translate to savings of more than US$ 700,000 in annual lighting costs, which complements the US$ 2 million Las Vegas Sands is already saving by utilising GE’s LED and compact fluorescent lamps in these two properties.