iLux Electricals illuminates a prestigious upcoming temple in Uttar Pradesh


The main challenge of the project was to mount the lights along the every edge of the fine structure of the temple in order to highlight its beauty

The project involved illuminating a grand temple located at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan, being a city of so many important temples, attracts a lot of religious tourists from across India. So, the objective was to make this new temple look different from the others. The aim was to highlight the unique structure of the temple using LEDs.

The challenge was to mount the lights along the very edge of the fine structure of the temple in order to highlight its grandeur. The client wanted to highlight the edges with a uniform bright light that illuminated the overall structure and enhanced its beauty. The required light was to be an IP 68 solution.

After analysing and discussing all the concerns of the client, iLux proposed its LED flexi-neon light for the overall decoration of the temple. This light comprises LEDs in series, jacketed by an inner plastic extrusion core. The light output from the LED flexi light can be red, green, blue, orange, yellow, amber, white, warm white and RGB. It is the perfect replacement for the conventional glass neon lights, which are difficult to cut and are not flexible.

These lights are available as two variants—with a flat as well as domed surface. They have UV protection. The iLux LED flexi-neon light (IE-10FFP1809) has a continuous connection for up to 30 metres with double-sided feeding. The 4000k light was installed along the edges of the structure and on the various surfaces, with the help of self-locking aluminium channels, to highlight the beauty of this temple. The high brightness of the product helped to not only highlight the excellent workmanship of the temple but also to illuminate the whole space. The grand temple is going to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after its completion.