Honda Launches E-Mobility R&D Center In Bengaluru


The centre aims to accelerate the integration of advanced mobility technologies into electric vehicle development. It will focus on software and connected services by fostering open innovation and ‘co-creating’ with research and development companies, according to the company.

Honda R&D (India) Private Limited (HRID), a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., operates as the research and development division for motorcycles and power products in India. On Thursday, HRID inaugurated its new Solution R&D Centre in Bengaluru. This opening aligns with Honda’s global commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 across all products and corporate operations. The company is advancing towards making its range of products, especially motorcycles, carbon neutral by the 2040s in terms of their power sources.

The new Solution R&D Center in Bengaluru will expedite the integration of advanced mobility technologies into the development of electrified vehicles. It will also enhance software and connected services by engaging in ‘co-creating’ open innovation, utilizing technologies and ideas from other research and development enterprises. Additionally, leveraging the strategic ecosystem of its location, the Bengaluru Centre plans to collaborate with innovative companies to create new services and business models that extend beyond traditional product scopes, aiming for long-term transformation.

Furthermore, Honda is dedicated to addressing societal challenges such as efficient energy use through its Triple Action to ZERO initiative, which focuses on carbon neutrality, clean energy, and resource circulation. The initiative also includes efforts to eliminate traffic accident fatalities, striving for a future with zero traffic collision deaths.

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Honda is committed to delivering products that offer unique value and embody the company’s mission of providing ‘the joy of freedom of mobility’ to its customers, as stated by the company.


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