Eaton Provides ELocker Differential For New Hybrid SUV


The new PHEV utilizes an electric motor to drive the rear wheels, while the front wheels are powered by either another electric motor or an optional internal combustion engine.

Eaton, a player in intelligent power management, has recently announced its collaboration with a top-tier manufacturer of electrified vehicles to provide its ELocker differential system for a new plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) SUV model.

This new SUV distinguishes itself from conventional PHEVs, which typically combine an electric motor with an internal combustion engine to power all wheels. Instead, it features an electric motor dedicated to driving the rear wheels, complemented by either another electric motor or an optional internal combustion engine that powers the front wheels.

Mark Kramer, the business unit director of ePowertrain at Eaton’s Mobility Group, explained the innovative approach to the ELocker’s design. He said that the ELocker had to be adapted to work with the lighter, lower viscosity fluids found in electric drives, unlike the thicker axle and transmission oils. Eaton’s engineers refined the traditional ELocker design to address this requirement by incorporating superior designs, materials, and protective coatings.

The Eaton ELocker differential is an electronically controlled locking differential tailored for drivers seeking complete control and optimal traction on demand. It is engineered with net-forged gears for robust strength and durability, which is crucial for off-road and leisure driving. Unlike similar products controlled by air, the ELocker’s electronic controls offer selectable operation directly from the dashboard, enhancing reliability. By activating a switch on the dashboard, the differential can evenly distribute all available torque between the left and right wheels, ensuring maximum traction to navigate tough terrain.


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