Twinaxial cables


In October 2011, 3M launched its ultra low profile, high speed and high signal density Twinaxial cable.

Features and USP: 3M’s Twinaxial cable supports a speed of 10 GBps and above, depending on the length and attenuation requirements. It can be efficiently routed‚ making multiple folds and bends to save space and improve airflow while performing at incredibly high speeds. Additionally, the cable’s high end signal performance and lack of resonance to 20 GHz provide the designer with the ability to use the same cable for current and future higher bandwidth protocols. Also, its construction makes it easy to prepare for assembly and termination. The cable’s longitudinal shielding means there is no wrapped or braided material to strip, and the wire pairs lie flat and in the correct position for terminating—this helps save time and costs during assembly.

For further details: Joy Thomas, marketing manager; [email protected]



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