Marquardt To Present New Portfolio At Battery Show Europe


Marquardt will display production-ready battery management systems, hydrogen fuel cell sensors, and digital vehicle communication and positioning components using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.

At the upcoming Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, from June 18-20, mechatronics expert Marquardt will exhibit its extensive array of components for battery and fuel cell systems. The company will display its ready-to-use battery management systems, hydrogen fuel cell sensors, and digital components for vehicle communication and positioning using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.

Visitors can witness the debut of Marquardt’s Interactive Charging System (ICS), a fully automated charging solution enabling robotic charging. Additionally, Marquardt will share advancements in wireless control units for battery system monitoring, H2 safety, and non-contact liquid level measurement.

Focusing on battery management, Marquardt’s offerings include complete systems and scalable components. The highlight is a high-voltage sensor that swiftly and accurately measures current and voltage, with a reaction time of five milliseconds during overcurrents to disconnect vehicle electronics safely.

Marquardt’s new Cell Module Controller (CMC) will also be introduced, which monitors and manages cells in electric vehicle batteries and stationary energy systems for enhanced safety and performance.

Moreover, Marquardt will present its expertise in hydrogen applications with new sensors for detecting hydrogen leaks and measuring water levels. The H2 Leakage Sensor can detect hydrogen concentrations up to 4%, which is crucial for safely operating hydrogen systems. The Water Level Sensor allows contactless measurement, which is ideal for internal fuel cell vehicles.

The event will also showcase Marquardt’s developments in robotic charging, highlighting the ICS and the Smart Access PnD3 system, which enable vehicles to autonomously park and charge. These systems are designed to be compatible with various charging standards and include features like an automated charging flap and motorized inlet port cover.

Marquardt’s innovations extend to digital key sharing, using standardized Car Connectivity Consortium communication protocols to facilitate interactions between vehicles and charging stations via UWB and BLE technologies.


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