Halogen free cables


In March 2012, Top Cable launched its Toxfree RZ1-K (AS) cables for security installations.

Features and USP: The Toxfree RZ1-K (AS) (0.6/1kV) cable is the most representative of Top Cable’s broad range of halogen free cables and is available in the following versions—unipolar, multi-conductor, armoured, screening and aluminium. This cable was designed starting with an electrolytic copper conductor, class 5 (flexible), and is based on EN 60228. Its XLPE insulation allows these cables to transmit greater power with better resistance to surges. The green colour of the LSZH polyolephine outer sheath clearly identifies these halogen free cables with respect to their PVC equivalents, which have a black outer sheath. The LSZH outer sheath of the Toxfree RZ1-K (AS) cable makes sure that in the case of an outbreak of fire, it does not spread, which considerably improves the security of the installations.

For further details: Ph:+34 93 586 21 68; Fax +34 93 586 21 62; [email protected], www.topcable.com/en/

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