Ruchi Telecom's solar streetlights


Ruchi Telecom launched solar streetlight in February 2011.

Features and USP: The streetlight is based on nano-technology, with an emphasis on power saving, done by using the most efficient LED lamps and embedded software. Its built-in intelligence is engineered for weather monitoring and studying the sun’s condition, to store the most power using maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. For illumination, its monitor system tracks sun’s power stored in the battery to start at dusk, increase it at evening hours, reduce at late night and at moderate level in bad weather. All these features allows it to consume minimum power for right illumination, which in turn reduces the total power requirements of the system and its overall size and cost. It is an independent system without any external wiring with IP65 compliance Aluminum cast fixture for different power outputs. Options are available for different applications like security lights, streetlights, garden lights, fencing lights and advertising signage displays. Its major advantages are that it is completely automatic, has a long life of ten years and does not require high operational and maintenance costs.

For further details: Ruchi Telecom Pvt Ltd, F-81, Khanpur Extension, Near Khanpur DTC Depot, New Delhi; Ph: 91-9810131125; Email: [email protected], [email protected]; Website:



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