Ola Secures Patents For Three Electric Bike Designs


The electric bike features dual rear shock absorbers and a motor mounted on the hub.

Ola has successfully secured patents for three new electric bike designs, coming nine months after the company initially introduced its somewhat ambitious electric bike concepts. These newly patented designs present a more grounded and realistic approach, particularly evident in one design that emphasizes practicality.

Starting with the most functional design of the trio, Ola Electric’s patented e-bike draws heavily on the robust aesthetics of the roadster concept previously showcased by the company. In fact, all three of the newly patented drawings bear a striking resemblance to that specific concept. Focusing on the practicality-oriented e-bike, it features a motard-style design characterized by sharp, angular lines. What sets this bike apart from the other two is its dual rear shock absorbers, a straightforward box-section swingarm, and a hub-mounted motor. The bike’s single-piece, stepped seat and the chassis subframe on which it rests also lean towards simplicity.

Additionally, this bike is equipped with larger wheels than its counterparts, wrapped in thinner tyres, suggesting it may be better suited for utilitarian purposes with a possibly higher load-bearing capacity. Turning our attention to the other two patented e-bike designs, we see that they present a more sporty appearance. Both share numerous design elements and components, including the main powertrain, suspension, wheels, and seat units. Notably, both bikes feature a unique swingarm design that appears to merge two rectangular sections into a single unit.

The primary differences between these two sportier models lie in their ergonomics—one boasts lower handlebars, possibly clip-ons, while the other sports a more traditional, upright handlebar setup. Their headlights and seat designs are largely similar, though with subtle variations. The only notable distinction in terms of the powertrain is that one of the bikes includes a small trapezoidal bodywork feature at the base of the pack.

Compared to their original concepts, these new designs from Ola appear to be far more viable for mass production and cost-effectiveness in our market. While Ola had previously announced that its inaugural electric bike would hit the market in 2024, the timeline for the actual release of these production-spec bikes is still pending.


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