Elak's automatic charger


In April, Elak Pvt Ltd launched an automatic battery charger, designed for precise charging of lead acid, sealed maintenance free (SMF), valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and other batteries.

Features and USP: The charger meets the charging specifications of a wide range of VRLA and RG sealed batteries very accurately. The charger delivers a measured constant current to the battery until the manufacturer’s specified maximum battery voltage is attained. This voltage is then held constant for a specified period to allow a uniform charge across all the plates. The charger may be left connected indefinitely to a fully charged battery without the fear of over charging or damage. It has reverse polarity and is short circuit protected. For charging SMF and VRLA batteries, the cut-off voltage may be set at 13.8 V and 14.4 V for regular lead acid batteries. They are available in four models and are priced between Rs 3000-6000. Its power supply voltage is 230V ~ 50 Hz.

For further details: Elak Pvt Ltd, Mandeep Bindra, 216, Industrial Area-1, Chandigarh 160002; Ph: + 91-172-4673400, 5078112, 5078113; Email: [email protected]; Website: www.elakindia.com




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