PG's ring sensors


In April 2011, PG Electronics introduced ring sensors to monitor the production of ferrous rods, wires or strips, without any interruption.

Features and USP: The ring sensor—RS–101—can detect the breakage continuity in line production. It is large enough to accept or pass through line produced material like bars, wires or strips. The presence or absence of particular material will give a solid state output with an LED indicating the change.

It is a robust unit and has a built-in mounting facility. It is ideal for bar or wire cold rolling mills and all industries where this type of material is used in a feed or production line. The sensor is also used for confirming or counting bolts, nuts or blanks in production. It is priced at Rs 3750.

For further details: PG Electronics; Ph: 022-26763587, 26763831; Fax: 022-66943788; [email protected], [email protected]



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