STMicro’s ballast controller ICs


STMicroelectronics has launched a ballast controller in May 2011, which is capable of reducing design lead times and costs.

Features and USP: Highly featured ballast controllers aim to support the choice of standard or low cost power circuitry to boost the adoption of high efficiency electronic ballast in cost sensitive markets. The new IC will fulfill the requirements of energy saving regulations such as Energy Star and will significantly contribute to the optimised use of available energy, dramatically reducing CO2 emission. Its digital control core allows a high level of integration, besides giving accurate and programmable preheating time to improve the life of a lamp. It is compatible with series or parallel lamp topologies and different power ranges. Its extended temperature range is from -25 ºC up to 85 ºC.

For further details: STMicroelectronics Pvt Ltd, Ph: +91-0120-4003001;



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