Japan quake to hit global electronics supply chain


Following the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, battery makers, semiconductor companies and LCD display makers are facing shortages and slowdowns that may affect mobile device makers in the coming months. The global supply of rechargeable batteries may take a hit with plant closures by Sony, while the halt of shipments may hurt supplies of circuit chips used in mobile devices.

Japan is also expected to severely curtail technology manufacturing, at least for a limited period. Japan, being a significant manufacturer of chips, holds a key position in the semiconductor equipment and materials supply chain, which could have a bearing on chip manufacturing operations in factories across the globe.

LCD/LED TV prices may surge

After the twin disasters in Japan, consumer electronics companies in India are bracing themselves for a possible rise in the price of key components, such as flat panels, semiconductors and chip sets. This is likely to push up the prices of products such as LCD TVs and LED TVs that use these components, as Japan accounts for close to 20 per cent of the world’s LCD/LED panel production.



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