BorgWarner Provides Polestar BEV SUVs With Electric Torque Vectoring System


The Electric Torque Vectoring and Disconnect (eTVD) system for battery electric vehicles enhance vehicle safety adaptively under any road and weather conditions.

BorgWarner has announced that it is leading the market with the introduction of its innovative electric Torque Vectoring and Disconnect (eTVD) system for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), debuting in models from Polestar and another prominent European automaker.

This eTVD system is a key component of BorgWarner’s electric torque management system (eTMS) suite, crafted to intelligently manage wheel torque to enhance stability, elevate dynamic performance, and boost traction during launches and acceleration. The system is currently operational in the Polestar 3 SUV, with plans to expand production to include the major European OEM later this year.

Volker Weng, Vice President of BorgWarner Inc. and President and General Manager of BorgWarner Drivetrain and Battery Systems, highlighted the system’s advantages. Weng stated that their new electric vehicle torque management systems demonstrate comprehensive expertise, system integration skills, and the outstanding performance of the BorgWarner team. He emphasized the importance of sophisticated systems like the eTVD in the era of software-defined vehicles, noting their ability to precisely and swiftly calculate, predict, and manage vehicle behaviour in a variety of conditions. Weng also mentioned the exceptionally positive feedback received from customers during test drives and expressed enthusiasm for meeting further market demands with BorgWarner’s advanced software, controls, and calibration capabilities.

The eTVD system is distinguished by its high performance, serving as a 3-in-1 solution that replaces traditional differentials and includes features for torque vectoring and an on-demand disconnect capability. Unlike brake-based systems, which can increase wear and particle emissions through frequent brake use, the eTVD’s torque vectoring avoids unnecessary braking, thus enhancing the driving experience by reducing harshness, vibration, and wear on brakes and tyres.

Customizable software and controls within BorgWarner’s eTVD systems allow OEMs to tailor the technology to their specific platform requirements and brand identity. The heavier weight of BEVs typically impacts agility, but the eTVD system compensates by fostering a lighter vehicle feel and improving overall safety. Its intelligent design and intuitive software also minimize the risk of undesirable driving behaviours, ensuring optimal traction in diverse road and weather conditions and providing an immediate torque response in challenging situations for a smooth, safe driving experience.


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