High speed solar cell metallisation line equipment


In September 2011, Kyoritsu added a high-speed metallisation line of solar photovoltaic cells (solar cell printing, testing and sorting systems) to its basket.

Features and USP: The automated vision screen printer comes with specially designed rotary table, four workstations and drive motors.

While high speed and high accuracy printing is in process; the cell comes in or out simultaneously eliminating the cell transport time and results in maximum output of up to 1500 pieces of cell per hour.

The handling system ensures smooth transportation and vertical lift of the cells and can deal with cells of different sizes via simple adjustment.


In the drying oven, the top and bottom heating temperature is independently controlled by computer which ensures high temperature control accuracy.

Easy opening of the oven ensures fast and easy maintenance.

The testing & sorting system incorporates advanced testing and sorting control program which ensurescell consistency and no broken cells. An auto alarm will is generated when the box is full of cells and signals are sent to neighbouring sorting station thus enabling continuous sorting.

For further details: Kyoritsu Automation India Pvt Ltd; Ph: +91-0250-2471424, +91 9820701213; [email protected];www.kyoritsuautomation.com



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