Industrial modular PATA SSD


In September 2011, Apacer Technologies Pvt Ltd launched the next generation industrial modular PATA SSD for embedded and thin client devices—the ADM4 (ATA disk module).

Features and USP: ADM4 boasts the slimmest profile among Apacer’s PATA SSDs. It adopts a 44-pin connector and can be used either in parallel (at 180°) or perpendicularly (at 90° or 270°) for various mechanisms. The modular SSD breaks through the speed barriers by reaching the read/write speeds of up to 80/50 MBps, which is several times higher than its predecessors. The new modular SSD ADM 4 (ATA disk module 4), available in capacities from 1 GB to 16 GB, adopts a highly reliable SLC (single level cell) chip. In order to be used in stringent environments, products of the series are all designed to operate at extended temperatures (-40°C – 85°C).

For further details: Apacer Technologies Pvt Ltd; Ph: (080) 4152 9061 / 62 / 63; [email protected];



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