AC/DC power supplies


In October 201, Emerson Network Power launched its NPT42-M triple output open frame AC/DC power supply. Features and USP: The NPT42-M can deliver up to 45 watts with convection cooling and up to 55 watts with forced air cooling. It can accommodate operating temperatures from minus 20 to 50 degrees Celsius at full power and as high as 80° Celsius with de-rating. Carrying a comprehensive set of worldwide IT equipment (ITE), and non-patient contact and non-patient critical medical safety approvals, the NPT42-M is suitable for a wide range of light industrial, instrumentation and process systems, as well as low power dental and laboratory equipment. Featuring an industry standard 51 x 102 mm (2 x 4 inch) footprint, the power supply has a height of just 25 mm (1 inch), making it ideal for 1U high portable and rack-mounting equipment. For further details: Christopher Yesupadham, Ph: 91 99800 33764, Alice Hui, Ph: 852-2176-3548;



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