GP battery charger


In October 2011, GlacialTech introduced a series of GP battery chargers.

Features and USP: The FA1210(12V/10A), FA2407(24V/7A) and FA2407S(12V/7A & 24V/7A) charge batteries of different capacities. In addition to a built-in charger function, these also provide power supply mode for all electronic products in the car. The GP battery charger is portable and its special design enables it to detect the battery’s capacity when there is no input AC power. It has a wide charging voltage (2V-15V) for dead batteries and thus extends the battery’s life compared to similar products on the market. The GP-battery chargers—FA1210, FA2407 and FA2407S—incorporate an intelligent microcontroller to monitor and supervise the whole charging process. The charging time is well controlled to prevent batteries from overcharging and overheating. These small size and light weight GP-battery chargers are also very easy to carry.

For further details: Suhas Kalekar, Lotus Insulation Services, Ph: 09822793950, [email protected]; [email protected]



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