Hanwha Introduces New Modular Chip Mounter For Smart Factories


Hanwha Precision Machinery introduced its latest high-speed cutting edge modular chip mounter, the HM 520.

With the HM520 Modular Mounter, actual productivity is highest among machines of the same class and is optimized to high-quality production. The system configures a flexible production line by applying a modular head and various production modes. As per the company source, the HM520 offers unmanned, non-stop and zero-defect production using smart factory solutions.

Features being offered
The HM520 offers a compact footprint, auto-calibrating maintenance free feeders, and modular heads. The high-speed head offers a 20 spindle x 2 gantry, 80,000 CPH, ±25 μm @ Cpk ≥ 1.0, 0201 metric ~ 6 mm (H 2 mm). On the other hand, the multi-function head features a 6 spindle x 2 gantry, 60,000 CPH, ±30 μm @ Cpk ≥ 1.0, 0402 ~ 55 mm (H 15 mm).


It is the first Hanwha machine to be built from scratch. The company claimed that the new HM520 advanced modular component mounter delivers industry-leading price-performance with unprecedented low costs of operation and ownership. 

Hanwha stated that the market response to the HM series exceeded expectations solidifying Hanwha’s position as a global maker of cutting-edge machinery for competitive PCB assembly operations. The HM520 Modular Mounter was awarded prestigious NPI award at the IPC APEX 2019 show in the category of high-speed component placement.





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