The latest PCB handling systems to ensure productivity


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) require highly specialised techniques when being handled during the electronics manufacturing process. The latest PCB processing machinery uses high-tech design elements to ensure smooth operations and higher energy efficiency.

By EB Bureau

The PCB board processing mechanical module is currently equipped with a smart user interface that is designed for easy installation and rapid lifting of components. For board processing systems, the functionality must be as efficient as other surface mount devices. High quality materials and standard components ensure a low level of maintenance, which proves cost-effective. In this article, we feature the two latest PCB handling systems that will ensure better productivity at your production floor.

Model: NTA series; Manufacturer: Nutek Private Limited
Nutek’s new NTA series features a comprehensive range of PCB handling equipment. The series improves productivity and provides connectivity to the shop floor network via an Ethernet connection. The model has touch panel controls, containing a general control and information display, diagnostics and simulations, settings and multi-language selection. It also comes with an option to use smart devices to remotely control machines. It has diagnostic capabilities to monitor and control specific machine tasks and to perform I/O checking during maintenance. Offline simulation mode and predictive maintenance are some of the other features. The NTA series has options to enable remote access to the machine controller.

The model comes with storage for up to 2000 product recipes. It also has options for automatic width adjustment. Data management is done through backup and the recovery of machine settings, product settings, magazine settings and alarm logs. Data is received by synchronising via an Ethernet connection. The model is compliant with the Hermes Standard apart from being OPC UA and Industrial 4.0 ready.


Contact details: Nut2ek Private Limited,
Indian distributor: TransTechnology India Pvt Ltd,

Model: VEGO AMS 03 Speed; Manufacturer: ASYS Group
The VEGO AMS 03 is a magazine loader with automatic magazine width adjustment capabilities. This new function eliminates the manual preparatory work required for a change of setup. It also significantly reduces the frequency of errors caused by incorrectly adjusted magazines.

The new function has a number of advantages, when it comes to the fully automated supply of materials during the electronics manufacturing process. You can supply magazines of any width, and everything else is automated. Setup times are also a thing of the past, as the magazines do not have to be adjusted manually on changing the product and do not need to be stored ready for use. Incorrectly adjusted magazines often bring production to a halt. You can even damage your product if the magazine is too narrow or too wide after adjustment.

Key features: There is a platform for three magazines, a transfer conveyor with an integrated shuttle lift mechanism, vertical magazine alignment with a horizontal clamp, fixed magazine exchange position, access to the magazine via the front of the machine, and a touch display with graphical user interface. Product parameters can be changed while running the machinery.

Contact details: ASYS Group,
India: ASYS Group Asia Pte Ltd (India),



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