Solar inverters


In August 2012, Ronds Innotech launched a home inverter that runs on solar power.

Features and USP: Smart Solar Inverter will be available initially in south India and then launched in other markets. The price range begins from Rs 29,000 for the base model.

The device, which the firm claims is the first of its kind, is equipped with an inbuilt embedded performance tracking system and can communicate with a remote PC. It works both on solar and normal mode.

The inverter’s automated power source selection mechanism (APSS) automates the power selection between AC mains and solar power. If there is sufficient power from the sunlight, the APSS will directly run the applications from sunlight without taking power from the AC mains supply, thus reducing electricity bills to a great extent. If the load connected requires more power, APSS will change the power source to the AC mains supply.

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