5EL UPS systems


Thursday, October 11, 2012:

In August 2012, Eaton Corporation introduced the 5EL UPS system, which offers what it claims are the highest levels of reliability and efficiency in a compact design.

Features and USP: 5EL UPS system is specifically designed for applications requiring a long power backup time. It features a high capacity battery charger to enable the fast recharge of its external battery. It protects critical applications from downtime, data loss, and the corruption caused by power fluctuations and long-term outages. The 5EL ensures the trouble-free start-up of applications even during a utility power outage. It has a high performance battery charger, which reduces the battery recharge time and protects the battery against the damage caused by deep discharge. It has a very wide input voltage range of 140-300 V, optimised to improve compatibility with engine generator sets and reduce the number of transfers to battery power.

For further details: Ph: +91 20 6633 7000; Fax: +91 20 6633 8585; www.eaton.in


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