MOSFET power clips


In May 2012, Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a 25V, 3.3 x 3.3 mm2 asymmetric dual n-channel MOSFET power clip.

Features and USP: Developed to operate at higher switching frequencies, the FDPC8011S consists of a 1.4mΩ SyncFET and a 5.4mΩ control, a low figure of merit n-channel MOSFET integrated in an all clip package, which helps reduce the capacitor count and inductor size in synchronous buck applications. The device allows simple placement and routing, enabling a more compact board layout and optimal thermal performance. It delivers over 25A output current and has a 2x output current capacity improvement over other conventional 3x3mm2 dual MOSFETs.

For further details: Fairchild Semiconductor (India) Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru; Ph: 080 40407218; Fax: 065 64968762

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