Tata Elxsi And Arm Partner To Develop Software Platform For SDVs


Tata Elxsi’s AVENIR, when integrated with Arm processors, offers automakers a tested and ready-to-use self-driving vehicle (SDV) framework along with modular software components. These are designed to function smoothly across various high-performance computing architectures and chips based on Arm technology.

Tata Elxsi, a prominent provider of technology and design services across various industries, including automotive, has formed a partnership with Arm, a leading global company specializing in semiconductor design and software platforms. This collaboration aims to deliver cutting-edge solutions using the most recent processors, facilitating a swift transition for automotive OEMs toward software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

In a recent statement, the company highlighted that Tata Elxsi AVENIR, when integrated with Arm processors, offers automotive manufacturers a thoroughly tested and ready-to-deploy SDV framework. This framework includes modular software components that are designed to operate flawlessly across different high-performance computing architectures and chips powered by Arm. This integration is intended to significantly reduce time-to-market and minimize development risks associated with new automotive technologies.

Suraj Gajendra, Vice President of Products and Solutions at Arm’s Automotive Line of Business, commented on the significant changes occurring in the automotive industry due to the growing demand for software and AI. He noted that this technological progress requires more computing power while still maintaining vehicle efficiency and safety. Gajendra explained that by integrating its SDV solutions with Arm’s latest AE technology, Tata Elxsi is leveraging Arm’s expertise in efficient performance and safety to accelerate software development cycles for next-generation vehicles.

Shaju S, Vice President and Head of Transportation Business at Tata Elxsi, also stressed the need for joint efforts to tackle the challenges that arise with the incorporation of SDV, Data, and AI in intelligent vehicles. He stated that the company is committed to working with Arm to support Tata Elxsi AVENIR on the most recent generation of Arm cores. These cores are expected to power the future’s high-performance computers for SDVs, thus fostering innovation and taking advantage of scale benefits. This strategic partnership is set to significantly influence the forthcoming evolution of intelligent, software-defined vehicles.


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