Mid-voltage MOSFETs


In August 2012, Fairchild Semiconductor expanded its PowerTrench MOSFET family.

Features and USP: Part of the mid-voltage power MOSFET portfolio, these devices are optimised power switches that combine a small gate charge, a small reverse recovery charge and a soft reverse recovery body diode, allowing for fast switching speeds. Available in 40 V, 60 V and 80 V ratings, the devices require less power dissipation in the snubber circuitry due to an optimised soft body diode that reduces voltage spikes by up to 15 per cent over competing solutions.

The first devices available include the 40V FDMS015N04B and 80V FDMS039N08B in a Power56 package, and the 60V FDP020N06B and 80V FDP027N08B in a TO-220 three lead package.

For further details: Ph: 080 40407218; www.fairchildsemi.com

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