UK Doubles Funding For EV Charging Infrastructure

  • The funding stands at 10 million pounds (approximately 11.75 million euros)
  • The focus will be on residential chargers

According to a report by Electrive, the UK government has doubled the funding for the installation of charging points for EVs with a focus on residential chargers to 10 million pounds (approximately 11.75 million euros). The report said that this funding can finance up to 3,600 new charging points across the country.

The report said that Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said that electric cars should become the “new normal”. He added that the government is considering how information on all public charging points like location, charging capacity, free or occupied status can be made available in real-time.

Affordable, reliable charge points

He also said that by doubling funding again for charge points on streets where people live and opening up data, the government is helping drivers easily locate and use affordable, reliable charge points at home and on roads.

The report also said that it is still unclear how the data transfer will take place. It is believed that the information will be fed directly into navigation systems and route planning applications. At the moment, there are 24,000 charging points in Great Britain.


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