Tata to give India its first floating solar plant


Tata Power in collaboration with Sunengy Pty Ltd, Australia is all set to launch the very first floating solar plant in India. This low cost solar plant would be using the cost-effective floating solar technology that has been developed by Sunengy. This is Tata Power’s endeavor towards moving to eco-friendly and clean energy sources. This floating solar plant would be made by using Sunengy’s patented Liquid Solar Array (LSA) technology that basically turns a huge water body like a dam into a battery-like device that is capable of storing solar energy.

It is said that only 87 per cent of renewable energy of the world is produced by using merely 10 per cent of the surface area of water resources. It is also said that by using just 1 per cent of India’s water bodies, this floating solar plant would have the capability of producing power equivalent to the electricity generated by 15 coal-powered stations altogether. This low cost solar plant would definitely be a path-breaking development for India by Tata Power making electricity cheaper.


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