Taitronics ’17 through my eyes…


Taitronics celebrated its 43rd anniversary this year! Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA) presented TAITRONICS 2017 from Oct. 11 to 14 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1.

Baishakhi Dutta

“New Technology, New Applications” was the main theme for this year’s event, which comprised 10 show areas including energy-efficiency solutions, smart manufacturing, smart living and consumer electronics, broadband products and cloud tech, cells, batteries and power supplies, industrial process and automation equipment, electronic components and parts, active and passive components, meters and instruments and LED lighting and applications.


This year some of the key exhibitors were Cheng Uei, Chroma, Compal, Excel Cell Electronic, GW Instek, Inventec, King Desige, Lite-On, Protech, Tatung, Tenmars and more.

For the first time, Taitronics invited international well-known accelerators such as Garage+, TSS, Innoventure Startup Club Taipei and TRIPLE, altogether of 14 innovative local and international startups. Such participation demonstrated not only how TAITRONICS platform has integrated the electronics industry chain but also how it has become the optimal platform for building diverse, disruptive applications and innovative tech solutions.

Although the opening day saw very less footfall, the exhibitors were confident that they won’t be disappointed on the next few days. Their apprehensions were correct since the next three days the visitors footfall went up. However, according to many exhibitors who have been coming to Taitronics for the last few years, informed that the visitors count has gone down compared to the previous years – it is not what used to be 8 – 10 years back. Exhibitors could not state a solid reason for this fall, but my personal belief traces back to the continuous heavy downpour for 75+ hours as a major reason that obstructed a lot of visitors from visiting this event. Yet fighting against the odd, many did turn up and made the show a success.

Despite India opening the gate for manufacturing in India, a lot of Taiwanese companies still couldn’t catch the bus. For those companies, Indian market seems to be very complicated and most importantly too, much price sensitive which is making them still think before stepping into the Indian market making huge investments. Taiwanese companies are of the opinion that Indian customers focus more on the price and less on the quality which is somehow making these companies step back.

It’s high time these international players understand that gone are those days when Indians were concerned only about the price factor. The transition has stepped in where cost is no longer the main obstacle. Indian players give high importance to quality now and if the multinational players can provide Indians with the best quality available then yes, the Indian electronics industry is ready to make big payments and upgrade themselves to the international standards. Indian players / government needs to reach out to all the global players and convey them this important message which delivered at the right time can change the fate of Indian electronics manufacturing sector.

Amidst the odds, there were also players who has been doing business for not less than 10 years who are very much enthusiastic with the Indian markets because for them India is one of the fastest growing markets where their business is consecutively growing with every passing fiscal year. Some of the companies are even ready to expand their Indian base further and venture out the opportunities that India is providing by opening their arms and welcoming the global players.

Every country has its own pros and cons. It depends on us as to how much priority we give to the cons, for those who have overlooked the odds and grabbed the opportunity that the land of diversity is offering has set off their flag and growing slowly, but those who still couldn’t do so, they should realise that it’s never too late to take up something. The golden era of Indian electronics manufacturing has set off. It’s time all come forward, join hands with us and help us set a game-changing scenario for the Indian Electronics Industry.

The Author is a Senior Business Journalist with EB. She was in Taiwan to cover the conference.


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