Solar lamps brighten up Melghat village


Solar power has brought light into the lives of the Melghat tribals. When electricity seemed to be a distant dream for residents of Raksha village in Melghat, efforts made by Grand Lodge of India and Nature Conservation Society of Amravati (NCSA) has helped them brighten up their lives.

Deprived of electricity even today, these tribals were leading life in dark. But the solar lamps and torches, distributed under the ‘Jotirgamaya’ project, has changed their lives completely. Now, around 70 houses, including schools, in the village have solar-powered lighting system. Each house has an individual solar panel and light connection. The installations have been supervised by office bearers of NCSA and Grand Lodge of India, Nagpur. Funds for the project were raised through Masonic Ladies Association of Mumbai. As a result, none of the tribals had to shell out money to get the lamps and torches.

NCSA along with Satpuda Foundation has been promoting sustainable livelihood in villages situated in various tiger reserves across Central India.



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