GeoModel Sola to expand its online system


GeoModel Solar, a leading international consultancy company in solar resource and PV energy assessment, has announced geographic expansion of its flagship online system SolarGIS to India.

SolarGIS higher solution solar resource database, interactive maps and PV simulation software will be introduced to the Indian solar community at the 5th Renewable Energy India 2011 Expo in New Delhi.

SolarGIS follows standards that make solar power planning more accurate and cost effective, and thus reduces risk in decision making. SolarGIS pvPlanner brings a new experience to solar power plant developers as it allows accurate calculation of solar electricity for any location in India.

The pvPlanner plays an important role in the selection of the most appropriate places for solar plant construction. Thanks to an intuitive interface and easy site search via address or geographic coordinates, pvPlanner allows fast comparison of various sites and technology options. It helps to optimise choice of different types of modules, inverters and mounting strategies.


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