Samsung invests Rs 315 cr to expand Noida unit


Samsung Electronics has announced an investment of over US$ 70 million (approx. Rs 315 crore) towards tripling the manufacturing capacity of its Noida plant.

Announcing the company’s fresh investments into the mobile manufacturing facility, JS Shin, president and CEO, Samsung South West Asia, said, “India is one of the top three mobile markets for Samsung in the world and we stand committed to this market and our Indian consumers. Given the strong potential of this market, we are working on consistently strengthening our presence in the country through a very innovative mobile portfolio as well as enhanced manufacturing and R&D operations.” He was speaking at an event in New Delhi.

The Samsung mobile unit at Noida is the company’s sixth overseas manufacturing unit in the world. The company is manufacturing multimedia, Dual SIM and touchcreen models at the Noida plant. Samsung has installed advanced and hi-speed SMD machines at the mobile unit.

Beyond the installation of new, advanced, high speed production lines for increasing the manufacturing capacity, the company has also hired an additional 1,500 employees at the mobile manufacturing unit. With the manufacturing capacity increase at the mobile plant, the company’s Noida manufacturing complex now employs 4,000 employees.


Samsung, the second largest mobile phone seller by volumes in India, aims to triple its manufacturing base to 36 million phones a year.

Samsung’s handset portfolio in the country includes multimedia phones comprising of the Hero and Metro series, Dual SIM handsets, touchscreen mobiles and smartphones including the bada-based Wave series and the Android-based Galaxy series of handsets. Samsung also offers a portfolio of two tablets–the Galaxy Tab (P1000) and the recently introduced Galaxy Tab 750.

At the expanded unit in the Noida plant, the company will manufacture 60 handheld models, including smartphones and tablets. The manufacturing is likely to begin by the end of the year. In addition, there is a possibility of Samsung making tablets at the plant in the future.



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