Reliance Communications comes up with Rs 13K tablet


Lo and Behold, there is a new tablet in town and this one comes branded with Reliance. With the kind of hype surrounding tablets I have to say I am not really surprised.

An aggressively priced full featured tablet seems like a golden opportunity in the Indian tablet market and despite a flurry of lot of sub 15k tablets being launched, there hasn’t been a runaway success in the tablet wars .

The strategic thinking behind the launch of tablet is captured well by the company when they say,“We believe the unmet demand of a fully loaded tablet at an aggressive price point will now fuel the aspirations of the evolved customers”

However, the adoption level of the tablet is what will decide whether the strategic play will work for Reliance. For starters, the tablet is not being made by Reliance Communications. The tablet is being made by ZTE Telecom and will be branded and sold under the Reliance Communications banner.


Call me a cynic or a stereotype but a *full featured* tablet made by a Chinese company in the 13k price range looks dicey to start with. But I will not be judgmental and leave you with some technical / general specifications of the tablet.



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