Metcal Introduces New CV-500 Connection Validation™ Soldering System


Metcal’s new CV-500 soldering system is perfect for surface mount device (SMD) touch-up and small component rework

Metcal, a global leader in bench tools solutions providing the optimum balance of reliability and performance for the electronics production assembly, has announced the launch of its new CV-500 Connection Validation™ soldering system. The new soldering system is the companion station to the company’s CV-5210 CV soldering system. The new CV-500 soldering system is incorporated with all the connection validation technology into a compact and economical housing.

The thickness of intermetallic compound plays a critical role in the formation of a solder joint. A patented technology, connection validation (CV) is used to gauge the quality of a solder joint by calculating the formation of intermetallic compound and offers closed loop feedback to the operator.

Functions and Features


Metcal’s CV-500 soldering system is perfect for surface mount device (SMD) touch-up and small component rework, using the Ultrafine tweezer hand-piece and Ultrafine hand-piece. The CV-500 soldering system is also incorporated with Smartheat™ power on demand technology, a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen having bold graphics, an integrated net power meter with optional tip temperature display and many more features.

The new CV-500 soldering system introduced by Metcal is compatible with the company’s eight hand-pieces and upgrade kits for the connection validation soldering system. These ergonomic hand-pieces transform the connection validation system into a complete soldering solution that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Metcal, a part of the OK International group, provides advanced technology products across hand soldering, fume extraction, convection rework and fluid dispensing applications. Metcal’s soldering systems offer the users with a vast variety of choices to address conduction hand soldering, rework and desoldering processes.



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