MeitY initiates bids for 1 million NavIC and GPS receivers



The government of India envisages commercialization of NavIC user receivers to promote an indigenous positioning technology. Integrated NavIC and GPS receiver chip will improve overall signal availability and position accuracy in urban areas and will also support additional messaging facility, unlike GPS-only receiver chip.

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The NavIC system is totally under Indian control, which is a major requirement for a sovereign country. This information has a lot of business potential, and thus the development of an indigenous system – dovetails well with ‘Make in India’, and ‘Digital India’ programs. NavIC receivers can be used for Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine Navigation, Disaster Management, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management, Location Services on Mobile Phones, Mapping and Geodetic Data Capture, Terrestrial Navigation aid for Hikers and Travelers, Visual and Voice navigation for drivers etc.

Talking exclusively with Electronics Bazaar, Dr Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary, MeitY said, “This is a historic activity and we are confident about this initiative. NavIC for us is the next big and unique thing, such as BHIM app for financial and Aadhaar for identification, NavIC is for location & navigation. It was something that was missing in the digital cyberspace. It is just the beginning and we are hoping for the best.”


When asked about the kind of revenue MeitY is expecting with this process, he replied, He doesn’t want to speculate as it is too early.  “But everything is digital and transparent and industry is expecting a good amount.”


The objective of the RFP The project of setting up and promoting an indigenous positioning technology with an inbuilt messaging system is a unique initiative of Government of India. NavIC is unique since it is an independent and regional satellite navigation system of India. Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India is trying to support companies facilitate market entry of NavIC in the established market of tracking and navigation. Hence, MeitY seeks proposals from bidder to design, manufacture, supply and maintain Integrated NavIC and GPS chips and ensure deployment of Integrated NavIC and GPS receivers. This RFP would be awarded to the single bidder. The bidder has the option to form the consortium to leverage expertise in functions such as manufacture, supply, marketing, support etc.

Scope of work

The bidder should design, manufacture, supply and maintain 10 lakhs Integrated NavIC and GPS chips and ensure deployment of Integrated NavIC and GPS receivers. The can also form consortium with partners to meet the scope of work mentioned. The lead bidder can leverage the expertise of the partners – Design/Fabrication/ATMP/Sales or any other relevant expertise required to supply Integrated NavIC and GPS chips. The bidder can supply the Integrated NavIC and GPS chips to Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module manufacturers or directly to GNSS receiver manufacturers.

Different stages

The government has distinguished the entire process in different stages. In the first stage, the phase bidder shall design and develop the Integrated NavIC and GPS chipset proof of concept. The timeframe of total 14 months shall be given for proof of concept of the chipset.

In the second stage, the bidder shall get equipped to demonstrate the readiness at commercial deployment level and a provision of additional 4 months post-development phase I is given to show the demonstration at the commercial level of the chipset in the receiver. Minimum 1.25 lakh Integrated NavIC and GPS receivers must be deployed every quarter.

In the third stage, the bidder shall provide a comprehensive warranty for 3 years from the date of sale of Integrated NavIC and GPS chipset.



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