Manncorp helps manufacturers ‘reshore’ with fully-supported SMT production lines


After a decade of “cheap” manufacturing, US manufacturers are finding that quality control issues, theft of intellectual property, rising shipping and labor costs, long lead times, supply chain disruptions, customs problems, and the delays caused by distance and communication difficulties are adding much more to the cost of offshoring than expected. Many of these companies are now considering—or actively taking steps toward—‘reshoring,’ or bringing their manufacturing back from Asia to North America.

Contract manufacturers have seen demand growing over the past two years, even despite the fact that more OEMs are also ‘insourcing’—setting up their own production lines—to handle some of their work in-house.

Manncorp offers a cost-effective way for both contract electronics manufacturers and OEMs to expand production capability and capacity on their home turf: complete SMT assembly lines for every level of production. These ‘turnkey’ assembly lines give manufacturers total control over product quality, design changes and lead times. Product upgrades can be handled quickly and inventories managed more cost-effectively than has been possible with manufacturing offshored to far-off Asia.

The ten pre-configured SMT production lines from Manncorp cover the full gamut of surface mount PCB assembly, from prototyping and small batch through high-throughput production, including LED and backplane assembly. All but the ‘Starter’ line are anchored by MC-series pick and place machines, one of the hardest-working, easy-to-use and dependable series of component placement systems on the market. These placers are paired with precision stencil printers and powerful yet compact lead-free-capable reflow ovens.


Purchasing SMT assembly lines in turnkey packages rather than piece-by-piece offers the peace of mind of proven-compatible equipment with the convenience of a single source for purchase and support. With Manncorp turnkey lines, support includes a 2-year parts warranty, remote service software for fast troubleshooting, experienced (10+ years in the industry each) technicians, and the availability of installation and on-site training to get production up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Manufacturers doing through-hole or mixed-technology PCB assembly will also find wave soldering machines and related equipment on Manncorp’s website to cover the full breadth of their production requirements.



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