Low battery issues trouble smartphone makers


Beware! Just a few bugs can shorten your multi-function smartphones’ battery life. And this problem is giving sleepless night to mobile phone makers. With Apple’s iPhone 4S being the recent which ‘drains battery’ too quickly. Despite Apple’s claims of 200 hours of standby time and eight hours of 3G talktime, the customers found the battery draining out just after 10 hours. Apple released a software update to fix the battery problem in iPhone 4S after they found a few bugs affecting battery life of the phone.

According to a few specialists, the source of the problem is the time zone setting as it keeps location tracking on active mode all the time and therefore drains the battery too quickly.

Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone also faced the same problem. Its battery drained out as the GPS function worked continuously. Even a few Galaxy Tab 7.0 PCs had to be replaced as the battery ran out too fast.

According to an industry source, “The improved features of smartphones are one of the reasons that make battery management difficult.” The screens of smartphones these days have grown from a mere 3.5 inch to 4 or 5.5 inch and CPU performance has increased apace, reports The Chosunilbo.


Most high-performance smartphones that have been released recently have two fast CPUs, which drain too much battery.



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