LED flood lights


In January 2012, GlacialLight launched its LED flood light series, the GL-FL12, GL-FL30 and GL-FL120, using Philips Lumileds LED chips.

Features and USP: The GlacialLight flood light series provides a direct indoor and outdoor replacement solution for outdated mercury lamps. With Philips Lumileds LED chips efficiently converting electricity into light, the flood light series produces natural looking light for over 30,000 hours. When used for eight hours a day, these LED flood lights last for over a decade, lowering maintenance costs. Using less energy than traditional lighting, the GL-FL12 (13W), GL-FL30 (27W) and GL-FL120 (110W) are equivalent to 50W, 75W, and 300W mercury lamps, respectively. Not only does this GlacialLight series help to reduce energy consumption, but it also comes with a colour temperature of 6000K and a colour rendering index of at least 70. People and objects look more natural in the gentler LED light with no perceptible flickering.

For further details: Suhas Kalekar; Lotus Insulation Services;
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