Indian PV projects grow to 1 GW in 2012


Vikram Solar forecasts a bright future for the Indian industry with manufacturing opportunities on the rise, says a CSP Today report.

Shaibal Ghosh, President of International Business at Vikram Solar pointed out that conditions in India are ideal for the growth of the manufacturing industry in the country,  “India is an emerging market and is growing rapidly without a doubt. With the implementation of the National Solar Mission, as well as a number of local government support programs, and thanks to the abundance of sunshine here, it’s a perfect market for PV development”.  When asked how far the industry could go, Ghosh was adamant that “India will be one of the top solar markets in the world in the near future, with 1GW new installed PV projects in 2012.”

Vikram Solar manufacture a wide range of PV modules using Crystalline Silicon technology, which at present is the leading technology for module production in India. Ghosh explained that “C-Si manufactures have a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on the current Indian market conditions–but cheap competition has made it difficult for C-Si panel production to stay profitable.”

In order to combat the price pressure, Ghosh stressed that it is imperative for manufacturers to “get to grips with the manufacturing techniques that will slash costs and drive up volumes.  Manufacturers can then create a competitive industry in India, and work towards turning the country into a future manufacturing hub.”


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