Wire cutting and stripping machines


In January 2012, Agate & Agate launched a new digital wire cutting and stripping machine.

Features and USP: The digital wire cutting and stripping machine comes in various models as per the wire processing modes, ranging from long wire stripping and short wire stripping to double wire stripping and mid stripping. It has a user friendly LCD character display and can store upto 100 programs.

There is no need to reset the machine while replacing the processed wire with the new one. It has a wide stripping range from AWG14-28. It can strip PVC as well as Teflon coated wires. Its productivity ranges from 70 pcs to 138 pcs per minute, depending on the model of the wire cutting and stripping machine.

For further details: Agate & Agate Marketing Resources (I) Pvt Ltd; Ph: + 9120 25469864/25469865; Fax: + 9120 25469866; [email protected]; www.smt-india.com



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