Indian companies plan changes as AI reshapes future workplace: Report


As artificial intelligence is altering the future workplace, 98 per cent of companies in India have innovation on their core agenda this year and all are planning organisation design changes, says a study. 

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According to Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends Study – Unlocking Growth in the Human Age, employers are increasingly focusing on “human skills” as combination of these skills and advanced digital technology is expected to drive their business forward. 

As per PTI, the report noted that 30 per cent executives are of the view that at least two in five roles in their respective organisations will cease to exist in the next five years; and at a time like this, upgrading skills becomes critical for organisational survival. 

Yet, only 46 per cent of companies in India have increasing access to online learning courses and even fewer (33 per cent) are actively rotating talent within the business, the report said. 


The report noted that 53 per cent of Indian employees, though satisfied in their current job, still plan to leave due to a perceived lack of career opportunities, compared to 39 per cent globally. 

(Source: PTI)



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