Huda to replace streetlights with LED lights


In an energy conservation effort, the Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) has decided to replace all the existing streetlights in the city with new LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. According to Huda’s electrical wing, contracts have already been awarded for replacing the existing, it is reported.

According to the report, lights at various intersections and some internal sector roads will be changed on priority basis. “All the sodium-vapour lamps will be replaced. At least 120 LED lights will be installed in one-month time maximum and the same will be applied in all Huda sectors,” a senior official of Huda’s electrical wing said, adding that the company which supplies LED lights will also maintain the street lights for five years.

According to preliminary  estimates, around 7,000 LED lights would be required on all roads inside and outside Huda sectors.

Explaining the benefits of LED lights, the official said that the decision has been taken because LED lights not only consume less power and emit more light but also last longer than the traditional street lights.

“It causes less damage to the environment and consumes minimum energy. Thought LED lights are five to seven times costlier, we have to ensure maintenance for five years with the supplier company. The company’s staff will be deployed in all sectors” the Huda official told a press.


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