How Does Turnkey PCB Assembly Decrease Turnaround Time


Over the years, PCB assembly has typically taken weeks to months to complete. With a plethora of vendors, manufacturers, and steps to manage, the manufacturing process often stalls.

But, there is a solution: turnkey PCB assembly. This process speeds up assembly time and reduces the chances of errors. Turnkey PCB assembly is so quick because the middleman – the PCB manufacturer – manages the whole process.

Let’s discuss how turnkey PCB assembly can reduce turnaround time for your business.

Setting the Pace with Design Approval
The process begins with the design. Instead of outsourcing step one of the project and waiting for the designer to finish it, the manufacturer or client does the job. Traditionally, the manufacturer had to pass the drawing between the client and the designer before final approval.

With turnkey manufacturing:
The design process is streamlined, and the client can approve it immediately.

In some cases, the client designs the board and shares it with the manufacturer. This lets the manufacturer fix any issues as the client watches from their end. Once the design is approved, the manufacturers can send the estimate, and the next step can begin.

Simplifying Parts Acquisition
Another way the middleman is removed is during the parts-acquisition phase. In typical PCB manufacturing, several people are tasked with collecting parts and supplies from various vendors.

In the turnkey process, one employee is responsible for quickly ordering everything for the project. That in-house expert does not have to coordinate shipping times with the companies, because they already established relationships that speed up logistics.

Putting It All Together
As everything is done in-house, assembly happens rapidly. It doesn’t matter how big or small the order is, the employees at a turnkey PCB manufacturer can meet deadlines. They’ve got the process down to a science.

Finding and Rectifying Errors
While your order is processed, the employees are tasked with recognizing and repairing errors as soon as they see them. If there is a design error, the in-house designer can fix it.

If there is an assembly error, the assembly staff can repair the mistake.

In traditional PCB assembly, the middleman manufacturer would need to connect with the outside designer or the parts companies. Any error could add weeks or months to the assembly process. With turnkey PCB manufacturing, an error can be repaired in a quick as a few hours.

Improving Consistency
When a client orders a PCB, they expect the final product to do what it was built to do. With turnkey PCB manufacturing, consistency improves, because the single-channel process reduces the chances of errors.

Why Choose Turnkey PCB Manufacturing
Clients who choose turnkey manufacturers have fewer complaints about the final product than those who work with traditional assembly companies.

Turnkey PCB manufacturing is available for orders of all sizes, from one prototype to large orders. Customers who use turnkey manufacturing often save money because fewer people are involved in the process.

Companies that offer turnkey PCB manufacturing have perfected the process from designing to ordering to assembly to testing, so customers can get the boards they need to keep their manufacturing process on schedule.

By: Adrian Brito


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