High current relays


In July 2011, TE Relay Products launched its high current relay 200 (HCR 200) for start/stop applications.

Features and USP: TE Relay Products’ high current relay HCR 200 (HCR 200) has been specially designed for fuel saving automotive start/stop functions. During the cranking phase of a restart, the relay disconnects the starter system from the vehicle’s primary power system, which is temporarily supported by a second battery.

The HCR 200 relay is designed as a mono-stable, normally closed relay, providing electrical continuity in case of a failure in the control circuit. Its current carrying capability is up to 130A continuous at 110°C ambient, enabling its integration into pre-fuse boxes and power distribution boxes in the engine compartment. Continuous current up to 175A can be carried at +85°C ambient. Compared to conventional electronic solutions, the relays offer the additional advantage of galvanic isolation.

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