Govt panel calls for audit on hardware, software in telecom networks


A government panel has suggested that India follow the United States model and do a detailed audit on the hardware and software in telecom networks, and also undertake checks for ‘unauthorised electronic hardware of suspicious equipment capable of duplicating or redirecting data’, it is reported.

It has been reported that last year, India had unveiled a new security framework which mandates that mobile phone companies get their networks audited once a year by reputed international agencies for bugs and other security breaches. Prior to the new guidelines being put in place, security concerns, especially regarding Chinese telecom gearmakers, had rocked India’s telecom sector for about two years, delaying the network expansion plans of several companies. The panel has also said that India must take urgent steps to ensure that imported telecoms gear is tested, especially those from Chinese vendors, before it is installed on networks here.

DoT officials say the government has already taken steps to address these concerns. India has set up a pilot lab in IISc, Bangalore, to develop the test standards, procedures and test tools to evaluate all telecom equipment, it is reported.



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