Goliya's digital panel meters


In February 2011, Goliya Instruments launched Meco-G—a rescalable digital panel meter, which can be used to measure current for any circuit with rescaling.

Features and USP: These instruments are highly reliable and can give accurate measurements of electrical parameters like AC voltage, current frequency, DC voltage and current. These instruments can accept inputs from CT, PT, shunts, DC mV, V, mA and 4-20 mA DC, and display these readings in the calibrated range. They are available with a rescalable DIP switch. The 5A AC meter can be scaled for any display from 10A to 1600A. Similarly, the 75 mV DC meter can be scaled from 10A–1600A, thereby reducing inventory and storage costs. It is made from high quality components and has gone through stringent tests during manufacture, with overall quality control maintained at all stages to ensure accurate, reliable and consistent readings. These can be operated on a 110, 230 and 440 volts AC supply and are available in standard DIN sizes of 96×48 mm, 96×96 mm and 144×144 mm. The product is priced at Rs 700, not inclusive of taxes.

For further details: Goliya Instruments Pvt Ltd, 311, Bharat Industrial Estate, TJ Road, Sewree, Mumbai 400015; Ph: 91-22-24149657, 24179467; Fax: 91-22-24130747; Email: [email protected]; Website: www.goliyainstruments.com




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