Fujitsu channel campaign giving an edge to its partners


Fujitsu has announced its new channel partner recruitment campaign in India. Under the heading ‘We put you in the driver’s seat,’ the campaign is designed to grow the network of Fujitsu partners selling its workplace systems, server and storage product portfolio.

The goal is to double the Select Partner Program (SPP) members in India by the end of fiscal year 2012.

The new initiative is part of a larger channel recruitment campaign in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India intended to add 25 per cent more new Select Partner Program (SPP) members to the existing 15,000 membership base by the end of fiscal year 2012. In its first wave, the channel partner recruitment campaign kicks off in France, India, Italy, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands, and will be supported in western European countries by the new sales unit ‘Fujitsu for you’ in Barcelona.

To achieve the growth targets, Fujitsu is beginning a broad ranging channel partner recruitment campaign comprising both marketing and business development elements. In doing so, it highlights to potential channel partners how the Fujitsu Select Partner Program (SPP) supports them in building clearly differentiated offerings, around innovative and reliable ‘Made in Europe’ products and solutions. Special business-development elements will help Select Partners to identify opportunities and new prospects intended to give them back control over the future direction of their business.



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