Energy saving inverters


In October 2011, Luminous Power Technologies introduced its Cracker range of inverters for energy saving CFLs and bulbs, which are ideal for small power requirements.

Features and USP: Designed to provide longer backup and an extended product life, the Cracker range has a 45 W inverter with a built-in 12 V SMF battery, which incorporates microcontroller based PWM technology that uses MOSFETs to provide power to the applications. This inverter has advanced safety features like an auto reset while the AC is recovering, overload and short circuit protection in battery mode, along with sleep mode charging to preserve the battery and to provide a longer back-up period. Easy to carry and offering multiple pin point options, this device comes with attractive designs and has a dedicated plug-in socket for CFLs and bulbs. It occupies very little space, mounting it is hassle free, and it is best suited for small businesses like roadside vendors and small shops. It has an information display panel, which enables a longer shelf life to the CFL and bulb.

For further details: Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd; Ph: 91-11-25558913-20; Fax: 25558912



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